Good lighting is an integral part of every home’s design. Affecting the mood, reflecting the style and personality and the ambiance of a space, the right lighting can improve the look of your home dramatically. Planning your lighting design with care is key and the design of the room itself, from the furniture to rugs and wall paint, should be curated with lighting in mind. You do not have to break the bank to have luxury lighting that completes your home’s aesthetic. 

With Alex Chong Building’s top three tips and consideration for creating a perfectly lit home with architectural lighting, you’ll be on your way to creating your dream home in no time!

Select A Lighting Focal Point

Not all light fixtures are created equal, especially when it comes to size! Certain light fixtures are more suited for specific room types and designs than others. For living rooms or dining rooms, it’s sensible to have a chandelier installed in the centre of the space. It will become the main focal point of the room and draw the eye in. For smaller-scale rooms, including the guest room or reading room, consider investing in a stunning and unique floor lamp. It is more suited for the relaxed ambiance of a smaller-scale room.

Layer The Lighting

It’s all about layering when it comes to lighting! To balance the room and produce an elegant atmosphere, have at least three light fixtures in every room, this includes foyers and bathrooms. Lighting does not have to be restricted to chandeliers, portable lamps or other large fixtures. Use light sources to illuminate the room in an unexpected warm shine and unique look. Adding strip lights to the base of cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms or entertainment area in the living room makes for a great night light and produces a warm glow. Hanging a pendant light fixture in the bedroom or mini lights surrounding artwork or furniture pieces are a great way to balance a room.

Invest In Dimmers

Dimmers have significant control over a room’s ambiance and atmosphere and can be extremely cost-effective in reducing your hydro bill. Dimmer switches should be applied in every room for whichever light fixtures you desire. Dimmers can change the mood to a more relaxed, warm glow for a relaxed night or hosting drinks with friends. A perfect combination of artificial light and natural light, dimmer switches are a stylish and convenient source of control to enhance your interior. 

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