Kitchens see a lot of action both in terms of foot traffic and from cooking. Grease, liquids and food particles are all part of daily kitchen activities, and if the proper maintenance is not applied to your cabinets, they will deteriorate and leave you with damaged cabinets you don’t want. 

In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to clean spills and messes immediately so that they can’t get deep into the material. While that seems simple enough, there are certain tools and products that must be avoided, including:

  • Sponges. Believe it or not, sponges are not the best tool to use when cleaning cabinets because they can absorb harsh cleaning products, food particles and oils, which will transfer from cabinet to cabinet, even if you’re rinsing as you go along.
  • Dishcloths. Dishcloths are not intended for cabinets. It can damage the surface of your cabinets and scratch the finish that you have, causing discolouration. A soft, lint free cloth is always best for dusting kitchen cabinets, especially cotton ones.
  • Harsh detergents. They will damage the finish of your cabinets so stay away from aggressive products, including silicone based products, bleach products and anything that has ammonia.
  • Sink cleaners. These are obviously meant for sinks, so do not use them on your cabinets.
  • Stay away from creative cleaning ideas like using nail polish remover to get rid of stains because it will damage your cabinets. If something is not specifically meant for a kitchen cabinet, stay away from it.

It’s easy to use the same cleaning product or cloth on all of your kitchen surfaces because when you’re on a roll, you want to clean everything at once and finish with this chore. However, when you don’t take the time to use the right products, you are damaging your cabinets instead of cleaning them. Take the time to find the right tools and products so that you can enjoy your beautiful kitchen cabinets for a long time. 

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