Attics are unique spaces, and there are some great renovation ideas you can consider to add more living space and increase your home’s value.

If you’re not sure what to do with this space, the following ideas can help:

Turn It Into A Home Office

This is a great way of using this additional space and is perfect if you need a quiet place to work. You can transform your attic into a useful area, and you can get creative with the process to make an office that is both functional and comfortable. You can decorate it to your liking, so it can be sophisticated or bold, and you can choose accents that suit your personal taste. Lighting may not be perfect in enclosed spaces like an attic, so it’s important to look at fixtures to help with this aspect. Recessed LED fixtures are ideal because they can be tucked right into your walls or ceiling.

Turn It Into A Playroom

Kids have a lot of toys, and if you don’t want them all over your floors, you can create a playroom so that such items have a designated spot. This can include toys, art supplies, activities, and games, and your kids will have a space where they can play without making a mess of your entire house. Once they get older and become teenagers, you can change the toy room into an escape room where they can hang out and have a space of their own. You can create a comfortable environment where they can hang out either alone or with their friends, and your teen will love you for giving them this space.

Turn It Into A Guest Bedroom

If you’ve always wanted a guest bedroom but don’t think you have space for one, think again because an attic would be perfect, and you can easily convert this space into a bedroom. Even if your attic is small, there are furniture pieces that would be suitable, and painting it using certain colors can make the space feel bigger.

There are a number of different ways to add new life to an old attic but you need to be prepared before you start to renovate. It’s important to contact a qualified construction company so that you can discuss your ideas to see if they are realistic. Make sure the company you hire has a strong background in design so that they can help you make the most out of this space. You will have to consider things like windows and points of egress, ventilation, and structural reinforcement, and Alex Chong Building can help with every one of these aspects.

We specialize in home renovations of every kind, so whether you want to update your basement, bathroom, or kitchen, we can help! We will assist in everything from the design aspect to the cabinets, so if you are in London, Ontario, contact us today!