A bathroom renovation is one of the most challenging and expensive projects for homeowners. For many, it is not a luxury to upgrade, but a necessity. When you move into an old home, you may want to use new fixtures and fittings for better hygiene and aesthetics. If you are upgrading your existing home, you can’t compromise on quality. However, renovations are not easy, especially in bathrooms. Connecting faucets and pipes require expertise and precision. It is time consuming and laborious. Plumbing is expensive and requires expertise. With that said, there are a few ways you can cut costs. With 30 years of construction and renovation expertise behind us, we are happy to spill a few secrets:

Fix a Plan and Budget

Draw out a plan of your requirements and try not to deviate from them. A confused mind may lead to a confused finish that may ruin the look. Fix a budget for the plan and stick to it as much as possible. Work in little details or you may end up spending more time and money than you planned for.

Creative Touches

It’s fun and sometimes inexpensive to hunt for unexpected pieces to convert them into bathroom decor. For instance, your collection of seashells can find a place around your mirror or backsplash. A small flower vase can be converted into a toothbrush holder. An attractive plate you bought in a souvenir store can double up as a soap dish. Pretty baskets can be towel holders. Creative ideas are limited only by your imagination.

Paint with the Family

Painting is a tough job, but it’s easy when the entire family pitches in to help. First, cover chipped and faded corners. Let the kids create their own masterpieces over that coat. It will add a personalized touch and many happy memories together. Don’t throw away the cans of leftover paint; put them away for retouching chips and cracks later.

Pretty up with Potted Plants

An easy way to brighten your bathroom is by going green. Place potted shrubs and plants that don’t need too much sunlight near the sink or the window ledge. Teach your kids to look after them.

DIY Shelves and Hooks

Some things are best left to professionals such as tiling and plumbing upgrades. But DIY cabinetry is easier. To create more storage space, you may want to consider simple open shelves. This is one part of the home that does not gather too much dust that normally settles on open shelves. It is easy to store your towels and other knick-knacks such as toilet paper on wall-mounted shelves. Fix hooks to hang clothes and hand towels.

Refresh Toilets

An inexpensive way to refresh the look of worn out but usable toilets is by covering the seat and lid with an attractive toilet cover set. Place a matching floor mat, bath mat, and change the shower curtains for an instant makeover.

Tiled Backsplash

DIY Backsplash is easy and inexpensive. You can shop online for options or wholesale superstores for cheaper varieties and seasonal discounts.

If you need to reconstruct, move the shower, toilets or sinks, replace tiles or renovate entirely, it’s best to call the plumbing professionals. If the job is not well done, you may have to spend more on corrective measures that will not just ruin the look and take up more time than intended, but also cost you more. To save a few dollars, you may have to spend hundreds. Call Alex Chong Building and Renovations for bathroom and home renovations. We are more fussy about the finish than you are. Call us in London, Ontario to make sure bathroom renovations bring your home to life.