An old home and antique furniture have character and a lived-in feel that many seek. However, the same does not hold true for old appliances or faded wall colors. Trends keep evolving. Keeping up with new fixtures, fittings, furniture, and fabrics can refresh not just your home but also everyone living in it. You don’t need to step out to check out all the kitchen and living room trends just yet. Our professional designers and renovation experts at Alex Chong Building and Renovations in London, Ontario bring you some suggestions right here. For a closer look or more ideas, do drop by.

Trending Ideas for your Kitchen

  • White is out; stainless steel is in: Gone are the days when white appliances ruled in a pristine white kitchen. Stainless steel is the way to go now. As its name suggests, they do not stain easily, they are easy to clean, look shiny new even after years, and make your kitchen look good as new. Black appliances are cool and contemporary too, especially in an all-white kitchen. From refrigerators to stove-topped ovens, microwaves, espresso machines, blenders, and toasters, all appliances are available in these colours now.
    1. Steel cookware is out; copper is in: It’s time to replace worn-out steel pots and pans with gleaming copper. The centuries-old cookware has made a comeback and how! It’s the heat conductivity that’s making chefs sing praises. Copperware heats up and cools down quickly and can last for decades if handled with care. New copper cookware sports a contemporary, easier-to-clean stainless steel lining. Copper is more expensive but it stands the test of time.
    2. Replace white countertops with darker hues: Upgrade your kitchen countertops with darker shades of grey and black. Our quartz countertops come in an array of darker shades that will brighten up your kitchen.
  • Faucets go from simple to elegant: Replace your faucet. No more are they simple and functional. They have been upgraded to innovative works of art now!


Trending Ideas for your Living Room

  • Old sprawling rugs are out; bold area rugs are in: Replace heavy old rugs with unique pieces that make your living room look contemporary. Millennial condos are sporting a range of new bold and beautiful area rugs that could inspire your home too. You can mix and match the rug colors or patterns with your sofa or cushions to pull the look together.
  • Light hued walls are out; Bright walls are in: Dull neutral beige and off-white are no more in fashion. Floral wallpaper is dead and buried. Go bold! Paint the walls navy blue, brick, or lime green. Hang white framed paintings and see how your living room comes to life.
  • Heavy sofas are out; Short stemmed sofas are in: Lightweight couches with short stems, plush, cozy sofas, and armchairs are what renovated living rooms are about. Durable, easy to clean white furniture is the rage too.
  • Old ceiling fans are old; energy-efficient styles are in: Switch those big, heavy ceiling fans with lightweight blades and warmer finishes. New designs are space-savers and energy-efficient.


Overall, clutter is out; clean lines are in. Keep the look minimalistic. Hide appliances behind sliding cabinets. Replace open shelves with closed ones to carry the clutter-free look on the walls. For more living room updates and kitchen renovation help, visit Alex Chong Building and Renovations in London, Ontario.