Are you looking to expand your Toronto home? Whether it’s to add to the livability of the home or to increase its resale value, many homeowners overlook or are not aware that basement lowering is a potential option.

Basement lowering is also known as underpinning, and this home renovation involves your basement foundation being dug out in order to raise the height of its ceiling. Most of the time, this is done when the basement is not at its full height, but it can make any small, claustrophobic basement into a more livable space.

This might sound like an intense and invasive process, and that’s because it is. It must be done very carefully in a way that will not compromise the foundation of your home. Despite this, underpinning can be carried out by most experienced contractors in Toronto.

The Steps Required to Lower Your Basement
Here we will go over the steps required to lower your basement, which will include the actual lowering and the city permits required, as well as visits from a city inspector or engineer during specific steps of the process. The average time it takes to complete an underpinning is approximately 35 days.

Your house can usually still be lived in during the underpinning process. Always be sure to hire a reputable contractor who has liability insurance and is professionally licensed before moving forward. Always check for these qualifications!

Here is what a basement lowering project involves:

Floor Removal
Your existing floor and slab will need to be removed in order to reach the earth below it. This is done using sledgehammers, jackhammers or both, and can be quite a headache to listen to. Good thing this step only takes one or two days. You might opt to leave the premises during this time.

This step involves digging out your basement in specific portions and while doing so extending the foundation as it progresses. The foundation will be divided equally into smaller sections, and one section is worked on at a time while the rest of the foundation holds your house up.

After all the groundwork for the foundation is completed, renovations can take place to make the basement renovations london ontario a livable space again. Plumbing, waterproofing, heating, etc., are all the processes involved in this before the concrete floor is put in.

At Alex Chong Building, we specialize in all home renovations in the London area. We can work with you to help you with your basement lowering, or any of your other home renovation needs. We work with licensed professionals like contractors and structural engineers, as well as our own experienced staff, who all work together to help bring your vision of your home to life.

Once your basement lowering is completed, our designers and interior decorators can help you with creating the space you always dreamed of.

For a quote for lowering your basement or underpinning, do not hesitate to call us today and book a consultation.