A condo comes with many conveniences but a tiny kitchen is usually not one of them. A bit of renovation can make your kitchen much more appealing to spend all those hours preparing meals. Just by storing things differently, changing the lighting or cabinets and adding shelves in a place you never thought of before can make your little space a bigger delight. Condo kitchen renovation will also give you higher returns on your investment when you eventually plan to sell. So make sure you hire professionals who are well versed in the job.

Alex Chong Building and Renovations, experts in residential and commercial projects in London, Ontario, gives you a few innovative concepts to maximize your condo’s kitchen space.

Big Ideas to Remodel Your Small Condo Kitchen


Light means Bright: A dark, dreary kitchen will seldom inspire you to whip up fancy dishes. A brightly lit up area is likely to do a better job to brighten your mood.

  • Change kitchen bulbs, especially over the stove, island, and sink area.
  • An energy efficient alternative is by letting in more natural light.
  • Under-cabinet strip lighting, hanging or pendant lighting is unintrusive and elegant
  • Wattage depends on the space but by and large, MR16 Halogens or LED lamps are recommended for strip lights and incandescents are best for pendants.
  • Go for golden tones instead of white lighting to make it appear more warm and inviting


Open Concept: Old condos usually have a small closet-like kitchen. Break a wall to open it up and create the illusion of space. This allows you to stay connected with your guests or keep an eye on the kids when you are busy in there. If you like privacy, glass doors are a good way to close it off, yet allow natural light. Sitting on the fence about open or closed doors? We suggest sliding oak doors or pocket doors that you can choose to close or keep wide open.

Wall-Mounted Shelves: A good kitchen is all about great organizing. Big cabinets take up a lot of space in condo kitchens giving you little room to move about. Wall-mounted shelves are placed closer to the wall so they take up less floor space. Use up the corners to create storage. Have an expert adjust the height of the shelves to avoid inconvenience.

Set the Mood with Colours: Colours can make or break the look of your home. Make sure the wall-mounted shelves are the same colour as your wall to make the area look more spacious. If soft hues are the primary colour, brighter shades can be used as secondary or tertiary colours on the backsplash, countertops, and kitchen cabinets.

There are many rules and regulations about condo renovations. Before you begin tearing down walls, make sure to comply with the rules set by your condo board. If you are unable to make the exact changes you had in mind, it is best to consult professionals who can offer creative alternatives to your dream plan.

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