The snow has melted. The sun shines brightly. The grass is greener. Your garden is in full bloom. What about your home? Are the interiors matching up to the fresh look outside? If you are shaking your head, how about rolling up your sleeves right now to find out how you could renovate outdated corners of your home? We will give you a hand.

Hire a Professional

Not all renovation is DIY friendly. A professional can give the finish that you are looking for but are not equipped to handle by yourself. Experts can contact the right suppliers, negotiate services better, handle permits, invest in tools, and get things done on time. All you have to do is pinpoint the areas that need rejuvenation, lie back in your hammock, and relax! Your contractor will do all the rest for you.

Tips to Find the Right Contractor to Oversee Renovations

  1. Look for a licensed contractor who is familiar with the Ontario rules and regulations.
  2. The contractor should also be familiar with renovation companies in the region
  3. They should have several years of experience to prove credibility and reliability
  4. They should have the right insurance for their workers
  5. Browse through client reviews and referrals to get a good idea of their services
  6. Draw up a contract in writing. Make sure all aspects are covered from the payment amount, mode of payment, the scope of job, and penalties if either party fails to meet the agreed terms and conditions.

Renovations to Refresh Your Home

  1. Start with the Patio: Is your yard and patio as bright and welcoming as the spring flowers out there? You could consider a fresh coat of paint for your home exterior. If budget is a constraint, paint the door and shutters. Update the lighting with a contemporary look. Put up a birdhouse to bring in more life or new patio chairs. A few accessories will bring in more cheer.
  2. Spring Clean: Before you look for areas to renovate, it’s a good idea to spring clean and declutter. Throw out items that you have no use for anymore. Replace dusty, worn-out old rugs with new ones. Throw out plastic plants and flowers for fresh, seasonal blooms, or even better, plant them in little pots along the window ledge and watch them grow through the season.
  3. Paint the wall red: Light and colors play an important part in livening up your home. Paint the walls with bright spring colors such as lime green, mint green, aquamarine, brick red, or canary yellow. You could even paint one wall in each room with a vibrant shade and use paler shades of the same color palette on the other walls to contrast. This will brighten up the interiors without overwhelming you with the colors.
  4. Replace Window Seals and Frames: Contraction and expansion of materials through the cold winter months can create cracks in the wood. Replace the sealing on your doors and windows. Check your furniture for cracks and get them fixed or replaced.
  5. Bring in the Sun: Knockdown a wall in the kitchen to create a look of space and bring in natural sunlight. Or simply put up new blinds that allow more light to enter your home. Create a sunroom with a less used space. Place a stand with a hanging chair swing to make it more inviting. Tuck in a minibar or cabinet behind it for a cozy feel.
  6. Replace Bathroom Tiles: Change the tiles if you are up to it. Or else, change the plastic shower curtain for an elegant cloth look. Upgrade bathroom accessories like the toothbrush holder, soap dish, wastebaskets, towel racks, and bath mat.


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