If you are one of the lucky few whose DIY projects never fail, you may be considering taking the challenge up a notch by renovating your entire residential property. However, when it comes to renovating your home, even simple projects like setting tiles for your master bedroom can potentially turn into a rather costly and time-consuming affair. No matter how many YouTube videos you watch or the valuable tips you get from your local hardware store, the matter of fact is that renovation is a specialty and has to be undertaken by skilled professionals only. Here are the top four reasons why you should hire a licensed and experienced renovation professional

Potential losses 

Renovation projects that have gone wrong can potentially bring down the value of your property. After all, nobody likes shifting in a property where there are obvious flaws. The likelihood of fitting the tiles wrongly, causing a leaky bathroom, causing an electrical glitch, etc., is much higher if you are not a licensed professional and do not know how to perform the job safely. People are less likely to pay the right price for your property if they know that renovations have been done by you instead of a licensed renovation specialist. 


There is no doubt that renovation projects need ample time to complete even by professionals. If you are undertaking a renovation with virtually no experience and relevant tools to do the renovation, the chances are that you will feel that the job is consuming a lot of your time. In addition, most homeowners have a regular profession that they need to attend to, which means one can only spend a limited time each day towards renovating. Professional renovators can use sophisticated tools and techniques and get the job done in minimum time and maximum efficiency, speeding up the completion of your renovation project. 


Although when speaking about a renovation, most of us only imagine structural damages, poor paint jobs, or plumbing issues, another critical aspect of the renovation is the electrical work. There is a risk that you could drill into a live circuit or cut off an important power supply wire during the renovation. Licensed renovation professionals are well trained to bypass important plumbing and electrical work skillfully while completing their work. In addition, if there are any damages, the renovation company’s insurance is liable to get it rectified for you on their account. 


In a failed DIY renovation project, remember that getting it rectified lies on you. Most insurance will not cover damages that have incurred. This can bring a huge financial liability to you and can cause your renovation project to cost much more than you anticipated. Another critical aspect of this is that once the damage has been done to any of your structural, electrical, or plumbing systems, many companies are likely to charge you a premium to get the damages fixed. In most serious cases, if the damage is beyond repair, companies may refuse to repair your botched-up interiors, leaving you hamstrung with damaged plumbing, electrical work, or structure. 


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