Whether you’re completing a full home remodel or strictly kitchen renovations in your London, Ontario, home, there is a lot to consider in terms of colour, design and style. Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important, central elements of a kitchen and often what kitchen designer experts suggest you select and style first. It also makes styling the rest of the kitchen much easier.

To help give you some inspiration for your kitchen renovation london ontario project, we’ve compiled a guide of the five trendiest kitchen cabinet styles and colours to check out.

1. Wood Grain Cabinets

Wood grain cabinets combine a sense of timeless, traditional style with warmth and simplicity. This style of kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular because you can achieve the look of authentic wood, but maintain the convenience of laminate cabinets in one. Wood grain is maintenance-free, stunning and durable for many years to come. Whether you want to add a sense of warmth and traditionalism to a more contemporary home to complete an already rustic kitchen, wood grain cabinets are a perfect solution.

2. Bold Blue Classic Cabinets

If you already have classic cabinets installed in your kitchen, you should consider opting for a bolder colour design. Most classic cabinets are a pale white or simple light hue, but dark, bold colours can really enhance a kitchen and add a contemporary look. Use a single bold shade for the entire base, an accent colour or even a two-tone colour for the cabinet combination. They add a nice pop to a kitchen that will impress guests and add warmth to the home.

3. Grey Cabinets

For homeowners that are tired of standard white cabinets, grey is a perfect alternative. You still have the neutral colour palette that makes a kitchen contemporary, cool and simple yet grey becomes more warm and inviting compared to white. Grey is also associated with elegance and opulence, which many homeowners love.

4. White, Clean Cabinets

Always timeless, classic and a fan-favourite of homeowners for years, the white kitchen cabinets offer the ultimate clean aesthetic. Clean, white cabinets are a part of the minimalist trend, offering clean, smooth edges and simple design elements that really enhance any kitchen. These cabinets complement white backsplashes and countertops, however, can also add simplicity to a colourful kitchen.

5. Cool Mint Cabinets

Cool mint cabinets are one of the trendiest coloured cabinets on the market today. Homeowners love the way soft, light green cabinets light up a room and perfectly complement a white backsplash or even tiled backsplash and flooring. You achieve equal parts vintage and modern all in one.

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